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Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen refacing is to keep the existing cabinet boxes, but to replace the doors. This solution is particularly suitable for those kitchens with good layouts and the cabinet boxes are still in good conditions. Replacing the cabinet doors alone can change the entire look of a kitchen. Benefits include:

  • Saving money – up to 50% compared with a kitchen replacement.
  • Convenience – no demolition, no dust, no mess, little hassle.
  • Minimal wastages – only replace those elements that needed to be replaced.
  • Least disturbance – typical refacing projects can be finished in one or two days. No extended period of eating out.
  • Low risk – lower chance of breaking other kitchen components such as the granite countertop when replacing the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Refacing work particular well together with Cabinet Additions and Modifications

Cabinet Additions and Modification

Adding cabinetry such as pantry, island, new drawers or upper cabinets to improve the storage or the looks. The main challenges is to look for new cabinet doors to match the existing doors. Our extensive selections of cabinet doors (over 100+) will make this task easier.  Our experience in duplicating doors is second to none. This solution work particular well with Kitchen Refacing if all doors are going to be replaced.

Other Solutions you may interested

Custom New Kitchen following same layout

Replacing the whole set of kitchen cabinets, including cabinet boxes, doors and counter tops, based on the existing layout. Keeping the existing layout can save money if no plumbing or electrical work is involved. Furthermore, no extensive design and administrative fee expected.” This solution is most suitable for old kitchens with good layout but both cabinet boxes and doors are in bad condition.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Which one is a better solution, Kitchen Refacing or Direct Kitchen Replacement?

    The look of both solutions are very close. We recommend kitchen refacing to save money if your boxes are in good condition. Your savings can be used to purchase the higher grade materials such as better grade doors or DuPont™ Corian® counter-top.

  • Q. In Kitchen Refacing, what do we do with the exposed cabinet areas?

    We can either:
    • Keep the existing boxes untouched, if the color matches the new doors, or
    • Paint the exposed area, or
    • Cover the exposed area with matching laminates.

  • Q. If the kitchen doors are not in standard size, can it be replaced?

    All doors can be custom made, if necessary. We do not force customers to go for standard sizes.

  • Q. Can I do something to reduce my cost?

    Yes. If you like to perform certain tasks in the project, like demolition & dispose of existing doors, painting, hook up sink & faucets, etc. you can save more. The less time we spend in your project, the more you save.

  • Q. Is kitchen refacing just for small and low-end kitchens ?

    No, it is suitable for all levels of kitchens. As long as the layout and boxes are in good conditions, there is no point to tear down everything. The larger the kitchen, the bigger the potential savings. Customers can use the savings to upgrade other elements, e.g. granite or DuPont™ Corian® counter-top, stainless steel appliances, etc.

  • Q. Are material choices limited in kitchen refacing?

    False. Canlik provides up to 100 styles of each element including kitchen doors, counter-tops, ceramic wall tiles, accessories, knobs, etc for you to choose. There are unlimited decorative combinations. It is not unusual that the outcome of a refacing kitchen looks better than a designer kitchen. Interior Decorators like the idea of refacing when they just want to change the looks of a kitchen, not the functionality.

  • Q. Are there reputable kitchen companies providing kitchen refacing services? Is Canlik one of the best kitchen companies to deal with?

    Canlik has set up an individual division to develop the professional know how in this area for over 10 years. Canlik has been focusing our effort and time on raising the professional standard of this sector. Visit the "Testimony" section or call us for a reference list.